Educational Resources and Programs


One of the missions of SHIFT is to provide college scholarships to those we serve. We believe that by providing a college education to those we serve we can begin to break the cycle of poverty. We are committed to walking alongside these young people and not only giving them an education but also a discipleship relationship with our ambassadors that provides accountability, encouragement, and helps them gain a Biblical worldview. With such limited financial resources, it is almost impossible for teenagers to receive a college education. SHIFT Missions is dedicated to making the dream of a college education a reality. College tuition in Honduras costs a fraction of the price in America. For roughly $6,000, with your help, we can provide one child with a five-year college degree. Your money not only helps provide them with an education, SHIFT also partners with local missionaries to ensure that our scholarship students have a safe place to live and meals each day as a part of the provision of their scholarship. Our ambassadors also provide daily discipleship, love, and support to those we serve. We believe that God can use one college education to break generational bondage of poverty in a family. It can start with your contribution. By Clicking Here  you can partner with us and help make a difference in a child’s life and generations to come. 

Educational Resources

SHIFT Missions aids in curriculum, computers, and other resources that benefit the children's educational process.